Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fucking mom : Gangbang by son and friends

My mom Anuradha is 36 years old. She is sexy, dusky and has a figure of 34c-28-36. She is a little fatty.

My father was away from home due to some work. One day I and my four friends were drinking that evening. We also convinced mom to drink.

She started to drink and we started to talk about sex. She started to lose sense and started to talk about her sex life. She said that my father no more have sex with her and she needs sex, she masturbates to satisfy her needs.

We, myself Ram and four friends Nil, Sunny, Sunil and Shakti started to get aroused, mainly I was heavily aroused hearing my mother. Shakti started to touch her hands. Mom suddenly put his hands on her boobs. We are waiting for this signal. We leave our seats immediately. Shakti started to press my mom's boobs. Nil also started to feel her boobs. Sunny started to touch her navel and waist. Sunil and I went behind her. Sunil was kissing her back and I started to press her hips.

It does not take much time to make her nude. She was wearing a nighty. We just tore open her nighty. We immediately remove her bra revealing her 34c boobs. She was not wearing any panty.

We were just kissing licking biting and pressing hard her every part of her body, boobs, lips, back, hips, legs and of course her pussy. She had little pubic hair. Her areolas were light dark.

We started to finger her, two three fingers were invading her pussy, she becomes wet and started to moan. After we all done with fingering her, we all become nude.

We all had 6-8 inches cocks. Sunil had the longest 8-inch cock. But Sunny has 6 inches but thickest cock. Mine was 7 inches long cock.

Then we took up my mom to mom and dad's bed. Without wasting time, first nil started to insert his 6 inches cock inside her pussy in missionary position. Nil said my mom's pussy was quite tight for not being used by my father. After two strokes my friend nil was inside my mom. Nil started to give gentle strokes, we were seeing a sign of immense pleasure on my mom's face.

I give my 7 inches cock in my mom's hand. She started to stroke my dick, sometimes she was kissing my cock. Nil started to build speed, mom clasped his waist with her legs and started to suck my cock. We told him not to cum now. It was my turn, I was rock hard and highly aroused seeing my mom like this. I just put my cock on my mom's pussy lips, with two strokes I was inside her. I started to fuck her and we continue to play with her boobs and were kissing her.

She was playing and sucking our cocks. One by one, we all five friends fuck her pussy in missionary and from side position.

Then I make my mom stand in doggy style. Sunil inserted his cock in her mouth. Others were playing with her boobs and pinching nipples.

I planned to fuck my mom's ass, I spit on her asshole and started to push my cock inside her ass, it was super tight, probably dad didn't fuck her ass. With my first push, one inch of my cock was inside her. She cried in pain. Sunny and nil pinched and twisted her left and right nipples. With another two quick strokes, my 7 inches cock was fully inside her ass.

Sunil was choking her with his 8 inches long cock. She was only able to groan in pain from ass and nipples. My mom was being fucked from both ends. After six-seven strokes I wasn't able to control myself in her tight ass, my huge load of cum flowed inside her ass.

After that, it was the turn of Nil to fuck my mom's ass. After giving few slaps to my mom's ass nil inserted his dick inside my mom's ass. I took Sunil's place and put my limp cock in my mom's mouth and slap her face and said to make it hard. Mom pressed back my foreskin and started giving a blowjob. My dick becomes hard again.

I said let's double penetrate her. I immediately go beneath her and insert my cock inside mom's pussy. Now sunny came with his thickest cock and tried to insert his cock in ass. From two guys fucking and my cum, it was little slippery and easy. Sunny's thick cock went inside her ass with mine in her pussy. We can feel each other cock.

Nil started fucking her mouth. Mom was being fucked in all her three holes at the same time. Sunny fill her ass with his cum.

We exchanged positions so many times in double penetration position so that we all fuck her pussy ass and mouth so at least one time. We all fill our hot cum in her pussy and ass. Our cum was leaking from her pussy and ass.

Nil said let's her give us a blowjob and give her our last treat like porn movies. But she has not any energy left to even sit. We slapped her face and pressed her boobs and nipples and make her sit in kneel down position.

One by one we inserted our dicks in her mouth and fucked her. Sometimes we put two dicks at the time in her mouth. We all fill her mouth with our cum and she drank some and spit out some of our cum.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mom fucked by two sons : part 1

I am Shyam and 17 years old. I have a brother; his name is ram and 19 years old. My father died ten years ago. 
My mom, Anuradha, is 34 years old. My mom is beautiful, slim, white and has sexy figure 36-30-38. My mom's boobs are 36d. Everyone just stares at mom's boobs. Her hips are also, good assets. I caught her several times having sex with others in our home. I will tell those stories later. 
But for last two months, I notice that there is something going on between brother and mom. I masturbate fantasizing mom, especially I masturbated vigorously whenever I caught her fucking with others. 
That day I was really shocked when I came back from school earlier. I saw that my mom with her sexy body was completely nude and my brother also completely nude fucking her pussy in doggy position. My brother has a good physique, he is just ramming her pussy. 
After seeing her milky white sexy body and big hanging melons, I could not resist and started to masturbate my 7" cock. Mom was moaning,"uhh..ahh..ahh..oh..mmmm..fuck..tear my pussy, you motherfucker". 
The door was half closed. Suddenly mom turned her eyes on me and stop. My brother also noticed me and but again hold my mom, push her legs away and insert his shocking 8" long cock in her pussy in one push in missionary position and said, "Call him to join, you son-fucker." After giving two-three moans, "Come here", mom called me. I went near her." I know you masturbate fantasizing me", mom told, "Let me check your hard dick." and grab my dick in her hand and started giving handjob. 
Brother was fucking her. After a minute mom told, "Come here, let me taste your dick." I went and insert my 7" long and 1.75" thick cock in her mouth. Mom started to suck my dick, Brother was still ramming her pussy, but due to my dick mom is not able to moan. Mom was giving me an intense blowjob, I was in heaven. Brother was also pressing her awesome 36d boobs. Mom keeps my hand on her left boob. I started pressing her boobs, pinching her nipples. 
Mom told my brother, "Stop, don't cum, give your brother a chance, now I will teach him the art of fucking, I think Shyam, you didn't fuck a woman before." I said, "No". Brother withdraw his 8" cock from her pussy.  
Mom stops sucking my cock and hold my cock with hands and pressed foreskin of my dick backward with pressure. I go in front of her. Mom told, "Your lovely dick is the thickest dick I have ever seen, give me more pleasure, insert your dick in my pussy, fuck your mother's pussy." and put my dick at the entrance of her pussy hole. Mom's pussy was dripping wet, in one push my half cock goes inside her hole, in another thrust my cock is fully inside her. Mom shouted,"ahh..fuck.., you motherfucker." I started to give strokes. 
Brother is playing with his cock and pressing her boobs. She was moaning. Then she put brothers dick in her mouth and started to suck him. I started to give him hard strokes and also biting her boobs and nipples with my teeth. Mom was lifting her hips upward to match my strokes. 
After 10 minutes of intense fucking, I said, "I am cumming." Brother also said, "I am also cumming" and cum inside mom's mouth and his cum flowing out from her mouth. Then I also cum inside her pussy. Our hot cum is oozing out from both her mouth and pussy. 
Brother is rubbing his dick on her face and boobs. I also started to rub my dick on mom's boobs and belly and spread our cum all over her face, boobs, and belly. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Hi,I am gunjan, 23 years old and got married just six months ago. I am 5'2" tall and my boobs are 32d. I am married to sunny,26 years old guy.In my inlaws house,there are my three  brother in laws,umesh,24,raju,28,bipul,20, and father in law,45 years old . Raju is married to garima one and a half year ago,26 years old and has assets of 34d .My mother in law died several tears ago.Before marriage I was fucked by my boyfriend several times.I will tell that story later.Now I have a very active sexlife.Frankly saying I like to get fucked.That day I went for shopping and told that I will come late in the evening and I generally come around after 9:00pm wenever I goes to shopping.That day I was feeling sexy and decide to come home early to enjoy with my husband. Around 6:00 pm when I entered home I heard a sound of moaning coming from my father in laws room. I went to see what was happenening. I saw room was half closed and when saw I was surprised garima is half nude and my completely nude father in law is fucking her in doggy style.Then suddenly I felt hands cupping my boobs from behind.I turn around to see that he was umesh and immediately push him,but now he hug me tight forcefully and rubbing his cock over my dress and running his hand in my back and pressing my nice pices of butt. He tell with mouth near my ear,"I or I should say we are waiting for this day to fuck you and we heard from sunny that you are a fucking slut."